June – between blue and yellow

Hello again – what a wonderful month warm enough to swim and play in the dirt – growing a garden, yet cool enough- to sleep like a bear – !. 

There’s a lot I’ve been working on most a continuation of ideas, and here you will find highlights best suited to share at this point- I have not included the photographic nature series that is visually scrumptious and coincides with the drawings of Natures Classroom but I have included photographs that are ruff drawing references, in case you are interested.

Click  Natures Classroom for the written reflection.

Clover Flower

Concepts of nature experienced in line.

28” x 40”, marker on artist Bristol made locally at Finch Paper, Glens Falls NY.

The ponies were 100-year-old bushes that I recused from years of being forgotten about. The bushes after weeding and tree removal bust to new heights and exploded with color and fragrance. 



20” x 30”, oil pastel on artist Bristol, made locally at Finch Paper, Glens Falls NY.


If you’ve been following this blog or the art there is a series of works on human Healing,   and elasticity gleaned from health trials that have taken me across many plains.

Sculpture No.632, Fortitude (2013- 18)

 30” x 63” tall, welded repurposed metals in found finish and oiled.



This is one piece to a series that was inspired over three years of helping a family member – survive –  three severe medical conditions.

(Please note I am NOT telling you what to see- everyone brings there own history and thoughts to the work. In my opinion there is no right or wrong in viewing art.)

The welded, specifically chosen repurposed objects that I used, to me depict healthcare and resilient human form traveling from birth to death.

 The Brinks Lock that fastens the heart to the structure – secures the heart under lock and key; life’s most prized possession. The heart heavy creates the context to the disease, once called hardening of the heart, depicted as many steel pieces referencing the hearts many facets or chambers of nuances being the humans container for dark, light, memory, change, culture, and soul, and for this case a miracle of technology which hangs on a hay hook kinetically moving into dimensions of the Great Chain Of Being, philosophical-historical loops and hooks that are to be considered through life. The photographic choices of the farm fields brings us back to the most basic nature of man, and the heart that sways in the boundaries of an ice block tong that’s grip is strong, with handles and edged with points that perceive personal realities and boundaries – supported by a vagina that mothers importance and existence on the stance of legs that mark travel and time.  

The odd health issues caused us to travel many miles in the dark shadows of tornados. Being jerked and swirled in a world wind of not knowing – fear loomed as a cold breeze clawing on senses. I clung to love; hanging on for all I was worth. Weathered- we garnered great physical successes. The success came as stillness and silence in the crest of an early morning sunrise as if the universe smiled. Success showed up as a dewdrop, clear and glimmering, on the pedal of a new fluorescent green sprout. Offering, new day- new chances, reflections – an outcome of hope. Now after time, I am able to look around and appreciate the support of wonderful, kind, people and the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio. 

Extreme Experiences of the body are not new to me, this time: I learned how amazingly resilient and intuitive the human body/ spirit actually is.

The events inspired my investigation into the different aspects of being human. I looked through science, alchemy, religion, and into the healing of flesh, bone, mind, body, to include communication, interior, and exterior.

This sculpture is a reflection of a human traveling through life and death multiple times. The centerpiece – (heart) heavy and hard, holding the person-ality, cells, memory as if jeans that walked many miles in vastly changing weather. The heart can be separated from the body ie: HCM and the process of shaving the heart. The body or structure is an abstract description or map of the thoughts, investigations, and experiences the process of sickness into wellness.

Congratulations to a wonderful and tuff lady who is enjoying great health now.


 Back to the sculpture No.632, Fortitude considering all the shit we went through– I thought how could I photograph that feeling/ thought into the pictures of the finished sculpture and relate “The SHit of a struggle we encountered to overcome and exist” into the frame of a photograph as a subcontext.  Here is what I came up with- The SHIt Spreader and the ShIT Hauler discarding on a farm field. _ This project was really fun as I chased the shit trucks and hurriedly set up to fight the weather, light, and timing —it became another metaphor in action reflecting to self the events of what happened in the process of sickness to health and being an artist.                                                                         There many more photographs to the series.






Creative Process Realization: As I posted the above I realized that I have been working in nature vein, revisiting certain things like the Iris flower, color, and dewdrops, over more than a decade. Rereading made me notice that I spend gobs of time looking- and here at dew drops, reflections and the atmosphere created within and around water. 

AhHa- Where an inspiration is formed, leaving me to think I should do something with all of that. This is why I love writing a blog it helps me clarify and revisit the work, stopping to digest and of course You All interpret and feedback adding to the layers of the onion. !_ So thank you for being part!

I’m glad we had this time together and now were near an end so I include some  reads that I enjoyed this mth:


 -Art-  William Kentridge, Six Drawing Lessons. If anyone wants to talk about this book, I would love to bounce around some thoughts. 

-Perspective- Deer Hunting With Jesus, Joe Bageant. Raw, Lamont Hawkins. 

-Cosmic- You are the Universe, Deepak Chopra/ Menas Kafatos.

I leave you with Steve Martin quote-

“as a scientist or artist, Thinking at the highest level is intuitive”. 

Wishing you all the Best Always~ m.M.Vara


Working Fool – April

“Personally, I believe very much in values of savagery; I mean: instinct, passion, mood, violence, madness.”

Jean Dubuffet Signature
Greetings: Thanks you for joining this blog as it marks yet another months change, inspirations, travel, ideas – I have so many things to say- grab a mug and sit with me a while…….. as we visit sections of mind as it erupts in art through experience. 

Sculpture and supporting documents:

Sculpture No. 630_ Posit

No. 630_ Posit
Sculpture sunrise Chicago at in front of “Cloud Gate” kick named “The Bean”


Sculpture No. 631

Sculpture photographed with the circle fountain Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.



Cloud Gate _The Bean_ Drawing from trip to Chicago IL

Cloud Gate _The Bean_ Drawing from a trip to Chicago IL to photograph my sculpture in presence of Cloud Gate in hope to reveal object conversation.



A love letter to my young friends: 

 I TEeTER on what to write and not to write at all.                                                              The world screams template-ized in seduction of mundane realities.                                Propaganda promises ease, but binds in chains that outline boundaries, while freedom slips into history trying to be erased. In the noise of society, colors are blotted out, in a hum of tweets, vibrating time away. No pill or smoke can find your voice, or ease your pain. Stand your claim for expanding your brain – in cultivation,  inspiration grows. Blossoming your real sense, and expand beyond dis – comfort. Be gentle, mild and kind to yourself. Your beautiful and special – a perfect place – breath – the beauty of who you are. 


scribbling tracks a wondering voice
keeping place, space and idea
page becomes portal
burning metaphor 
sea- ing 
Be- ing 
sunrise – sunset
horizon line taunt and distant 
mark time
in the colors of life’s possibilities.

 ? what we are supporting and upholding in our personal lives and as a society.


volatile tension

Volatile Tension

I created a body of work (oil pastel on paper) that embodies the tension between presence and absence. I became engulfed in situation through a woman who fell down a flight of stairs in the freezing winter wind.  It was traumatic, but the special lady was a real trooper throughout the time, and is now on the mend.  

The Fall - Saratoga NY

The Fall – Saratoga NY

#Ravens returned to #feeding grounds as we watch and enjoy them. #birdwatching, #michellevara, #crow, #birdwatching

Ravens returned to feeding grounds as we watch and enjoy them.


Chad Wilson so Excited with his new machine shop tools.

Trucking heavy machines in the crazy ice storm while its supposed to be spring.


#Californication – Oil pastel

Californication – all he thinks about is Pussy.

The wrong exit in Ohio.



Art Photo of michelle Vara's sculpture and Anish Kapoor's sculpture.

Art Photo of michelle Vara’s sculpture and Anish Kapoor’s sculpture.

7 photo abstract with Sculpture No. 631_ This is NOT digitally done.

7 photo abstract with Sculpture No. 631_ This is NOT digitally done.


Business: We purchased a machine shop from Massachusetts and moved the equipment, quite the exhausting endeavor- but were excited to use the tools expanding our already extensive operations. 


 There’s so much more I would like to share with you but for the sake of time – I am out!

Hope you come back – wishing you wellness and peace always!

Remember the 15th of every month there is a new blog post here. 

Feel free to contact us and always make an appointment before driving here.





Marching In

Greeting from the month of march- in like a lion, as I write its a buzzard………………… and yesterday we were out in tee shirts, “crazy”!

This month I have been chosen to show  with curator Michael Haerteis for the year in: “Hope is Maybe” , traveling Germany: Munich, Jesuit Refugee Home, Munich International Airport and others TBD. There is an accompanying catalog. 

The commercial video and photography has had us hopping and we now have to welcome a new township. I look forward to filling 2 more slots with permanent townships. So please feel free with inquires to reach me at the studio 518-587-8706. 

– Project Roadmantics has been chosen to be featured in the February,  A5  magazine Portfolio #11. 

This month thoughts and inspirations are as follows:

No. 625_ Lamprocapnos Spectabilis

power, fuel, exhaust, travel, industry, movement, decay, and connected my thoughts around the complexities of fossil fuel by photographing the sculpture at a car dealership in a snow storm, with a view of highways, byways and overpass, at the heavy traffic time of day. I thought this would create a performance contextualizing immense dialog we humans face.

No. 625_ Lamprocapnos Spectabilis

24” x 12 round, reclaimed exhaust, fuel line, small motor head, welded and finished in clear.

Scientific name meaning: plant- Bleeding Heart 

This sculpture is experiment in cross connection of platforms and can be looked at from any one trial and error.

I created Lamprocapnos Spectabilis sculpture from mechanical parts that reference power, fuel, exhaust, travel, industry, movement, decay, and connected my thoughts around the complexities of fossil fuel by photographing the sculpture at a car dealership in a snow storm, with a view of highways, byways and overpass, at the heavy traffic time of day. I thought this would create a performance contextualizing immense dialog and presure we humans face.

The photographs and video were taken and retaken, everything I owned was wet and dirty, it rained, snowed, I was chased by a plow, thrown off the dealerships property and then it warmed up and I ran out of snow, but never out of traffic or thoughts around mindfulness and nature.

Finally, I decided to focus on the sculptures information and detail – Just photograph without dialog of interaction.  

In the end The Sculpture is the embodiment of my struggle. To understand why everyone is not outraged with the issues of earth stewardship.  Sometimes I think its Hope or maybe a happy go lucky attitude, stupid bliss, then I come across; I don’t give a shit, I will not be around and everything in between – the moment is now. 

Soaked and exhausted I sat and had a drink at the local hole – I was called a “Save The World Bleeding Heart!” -like that’s a bad thing – I thought shouldn’t we all be – aware – share in caring?


I’m repeating myself but: When I started research about the arctic and melt, I said I didn’t believe it was a black and white situation. When talking with colleagues the idea to create my dialog through figure and ice in black and white came about as you started to see last month.

#naturefeeds, #mothernature, #Natural, #existence, #arctic, #melt, #ecology, #stewardship, #Co2, #michellevara, #roadmantics, #artecology, #earth, #peace

Mother Nature -Photograph


At J. Kettelwells monthly art chew, he and I had a fantastic stimulating chat around energy, color and shape placement, which extended and kicked my arctic conversation of black and white to include gray …….. 

I went right to work here is some of the outcome-

and then……

Emotions of Nature



Nature of emotion

I’m still taking instruction on cad drawing and 3d printing so for my friend the professor and his wife Bob and Liz Skimmer, I took his copyrighted design and created a cad drawing then printed it in plastic as an exercise.  Im really inspired by this process, with tons of new ideas- except for all the time sitting staring at a computer leaving me to think my eyes are gonna fall out.

Bark back natures fact-

Oil pastel drawings from field Studies and meditation on tree communications.

Tar painting with oil on 4 panels of masonite, created using a hubcap as a paint brush.

Tar painting made with hubcap as a brush.

Tar painting made with hubcap as a brush.


I started thinking about the heart and how it drives most of my work-

Organ, having a character or feelings of a specified kind. “a generous-hearted and loving man”. Lion hearted, The heart of things, put your heart into it, that’s heart felt, she’s a dark heart, that’s black hearted,  Heart of Kings, and so on.

We had a young couple loose their child in birth with that I examined heart further.  I took a drawings and thought about process lighting and then digitally changed the colors connecting process and outcome.

I worked the ideas many ways below are the final digital pcs-

We live where there is many eagle’s and this month we got to watch, as two mature Large birds, dash and swoop each other in a dance that rode the breeze and as i dared not to breath for fear of missing a trick but leaving my thoughts and reactions in awe and amazement. 

I created drawings, more than I care to count  and have started a sculpture inspired by theses amazing creatures, but I leave the visuals for next month.

Ive been enjoying the many hand lettering ideas like:  “Times A Wastin”– with cartoon of  Wile E.Coyote chasing the roadrunner with a hay bale under his wing for a tractors nose sides. Great Ideas – Thanks Tim and Jackie.

Times a wastin Tractor Hood

Please note the pictures have a reflection from the light. 


Thank you for joining me and look l forward to what the future holds, wishing you wellness until next we meet…..











Behind or in Front



Greetings and welcome to February’s behind the scene. 


This blog post dances the background information to thoughts ideas and progressions of my work. this also give me a place to revisit the note and rethink the information boiling down to what has inspired. 

The current largest focus series is – 


As I travel further down the road in the project Roadmantic –  interesting and a giant read is Will Harper from Princeton University, his research will take quite a while to get through. more about that in next month.

Its a perfect time in the north to contemplate climate change as we have had a lot of gray strange weather patterns.

Lake George, Fort Ann mountain range

Gray, Photograph

New Work- 


2-18-2, Tar Painting made with a hubcap and shoe on canvas.

2-18-2, Tar Painting made using a hubcap and shoe as brush on canvas.


Reaction to physical space and catastrophic change.

1-318_ Perdictions, tar painted with hubcap on canvas.

1-318_ Predictions, tar painted with hubcap on canvas.

The painting Predictions, marks the overwhelming feelings of despair about our ecological situation, and stems from reading recent Hawkins predictions- scary stuff and backed by some other scientist that he works with, which extended into reading their research. In the last month the ecological reading has gotten to me and I really felt horrible, so I have allowed myself a break reading lighter stuff and one I LOVE LUCY before bed. Although the feelings inspired this series-

Black as a response, tauntaun with angst in ice, taunt climate in the dark. Feeling black – so black. Black has LOT to say, time– so little,  Black. Black shows it all. Black -Is anyone listening. Still- Black, despair. Black -does anyone care. Black dRK OR LIGHT – Black pain and fright. Black is the tar on your hands. Black opportunity or chance. Black all the rage. Black center stage.

Untitled Black 2

Untitled Black 2

progressing – life is fragile, thinking: how we need to be aware, of how are existence is interconnected.

So for this piece the live rose pedal will change over time, the gambling cards: with their pull tabs, as the legs or pillars as the foundation, building on short sight- the architecture.

future gamble-1 Paper & rose pedal.

Future Gamble-1
Paper & rose pedal.

Memory of life experience: the cowboy readying for the bull ride when you know he’s already hurt,  what do you think the out come will be – the Gamble. why does he do it – ego -money -fame -culture. Into the black the pain. 

2-15-18 -34 Photograph

2-15-18 -34,  Object Photograph

Architecture of Ecological process



"Resources" Photograph on linen.

 Photograph on linen.

raw information: http://ostseis.anl.gov/guide/tarsands/

Snow Angel. Photograph

Snow Angel. Photograph

Angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and Earth. Isn’t that the perfect when thinking about our ecological crisis? 

Triangles have been the reoccurring shape for the month, and haven’t had time to give to question it.

Wear-able Sculpture (jewelry) –

Data sheet – No.622J_Magdal



623. Witness metal sculpture made from waste reflecting michelle’s inquiry into indigenous peoples and or tribes.

My intention is to spend time at the Athabasca oil sands (or tar sands) where large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada – roughly centered on the boomtown of Fort McMurray.

drawing for sculpture

drawing for sculpture

This is where I can become submerged in experience and atmosphere. I believe important to the process in tactile understanding, documentation and expansion of the work.  -Relational


Ive been doing a lot of commercial videos, weddings and having a real blast at it because it so social and out of the head.

Video Art-

 I am still working on the video piece on ecology, but it is moving slowly. I’m again investigating sound reactions,  “frequency response” to find an alignment for the video. I started  using the idea of crossing visual with sound, and tested a few times while in Berlin. – very interesting stuff and it did cause a riff for a few people, unfortunately for me drove the director of TransArt, crazy and put a lot of pressure on me. But- Moral of the story is- it did work and did cause a involuntary reaction in collaboration with visuals. By the way many other people reported praise, and further understanding of the depth of my work. 

Information substantiating sound research –

The frequency of our brainwaves are measured in cycles per second (Hz). There are basically four states of your brainwaves. Brainwaves are measured with the help of an Electroencephalogram (EEG).The Solfeggio frequencies 852hz and 963hz blends perfectly in with everything. Ancient wisdom says that OM creates harmony and balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being.                          • Gamma, 30 to 50 Hz
• Beta, 14 to 30 Hz
• Theta, 4 to 8 Hz
• Delta, 0.1 to 4 Hz
• Alpha, 8 to 14 Hz

Dr Alfred Tomatis, French scientist and ear specialist, have shown that high-frequency sounds from 5000 Hz to 8000 Hz (and above) can turbo charge the brain, revitalize the body and overcome learning problems.

Effects of Varying Audio Frequencies
on Reaction Time and Muscular Activity
Trever Williams, Tommy Esposito, Stephanie Hu,
Drew Mahoney, and Kelsey Paulson                                http://jass.neuro.wisc.edu/2014/01/603-group-10.pdf

This month I will be doing a series of hands on recycled material workshops in Lake Luzern NY: 2 categories: middle schoolers and high school.

I get so excited. The New Book- Open the cover and hear the crackle of first sight,  like a fresh chicken egg  that drops to a hot frying pan in the morning sun rise. 

Just ordered the newly release of the book that i’ve been waiting for, linked here if your interested:  David Smith: Collected Writings, Lectures, and Interviews

And if you like abstract expression I think you’ll love the book Zao Wou-Ki, Works, Writings, Interviews.  

If you have questions, comments, purchase, or show requests-                                       please feel free to contact me.




Late this Month

Welcome to the New Year and sorry I’m late with my updating the blog.

There’s a lot that’s been happening so into the new work-  

The newest project series – ROADMANTIC

I have been doing some commercial VIDEO (if your interested)                                         and I’m working on  an art video that accompanies this project which is not yet completed. 


Current research: 

Is an extension of my tar works which talk visually about – Artic melt, insidious people, Canadian Boomtown, and Co2. – effects- place – space – awareness –

I have been feeling overwhelmed and extremely sad, The Athabasca Tar Sands- place – is a far reaching crisis that is- complicated and interwoven in the fabric of every day life, touching everything on the planet.

The further I go into the information the more I want people to know – awareness.

One of the  strange things is how many people that I talk to, know absolutely nothing about  Athabasca oil sands, and for that matter anything about the Co2 levels or even where their oil – fuel – products, comes from. funny most people haven’t connected oil to everything making this a very personal issue- awareness can be so many things but I wish there was responsible industry around the mining. -Place


The idea that its happening somewhere else and “not in my yard” is so far from the truth – this touches all existence on the planet – check out Steven Hawking’s rant if you don’t believe me. 

In this search for information, I have found amazing products that avoid oil consumption in there offerings and act responsibly towards making money.

In a cut to the case that’s really the issue isn’t it : greed- ego- money-                               all of which is sited in the new art work that I have prepared. 

Info: The Athabasca oil sands or are large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada – roughly centered on the boomtown of Fort McMurray. Wikipedia 

Yes- I know Wikipedia is not a suitable source, but for this it is a short and sweet description that has been checked. 

1-218. Climate, tar and oil paint on canvas, painted with hubcap as brush.

1-218. Climate,                                                                                         Tar and oil paint on canvas, painted with hubcap as brush.

The newest phase of this project is my understanding that very few people recognize  how integrated oil consumption is in daily life; oil has a far reach, and consumption touches everything as it is included as a main ingredient in plastics, rubbers, manmade material, on and on.


With that I painted the fist tar with a shoe painting, this recognizes oil use as personal – from foot to head.

Ecology, Shoe, Climate, tar and oil paint on canvas, painted with hubcap as brush.

Tar and oil paint on masonite painted with a shoe.


No.619_ Aspire Vista


Oil Patel drawings


Collar Works-

Athabasca oil sands, michelle presenting her art components which address how expansive, oil consumption, use and mining irresponsibly at Athabasca oil sands. Awareness

michelle as she presents her art components (sculpture, paint, video) as awareness to how expansive, oil consumption, use and talks tp mining irresponsibly at Athabasca oil sands.  


1-618_ Slap Java - Tar painted with hubcap on canvas

1-618_ Slap Java, Tar painted with hubcap on canvas


Because my monthly blog post has run late, my editing the pictures and information has become- so overwhelming,

oil pastel


  I leave the rest of the created work, and conversation until next post. The next post will include:  photographic project, sculpture, paintings, writings and drawings.  Hope you’ll come on back. -thx

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays ~may you enjoy the ride of the tide engulfed in the wave of love that lasts and excites you the entire year! My wish would be for Peace to be shared and experienced throughout the world ~m

I have been really hoping this month like most of you, but not because of the holiday, but because of a social project that took vast amounts of organizing, reading and getting a small local to join together, and change the intention of a few self indulgent politicians. As a group we did stop an unfair gentrification proposal but we didn’t change the people in power!

December drawings 2017


My Rant for the month: (you can just skip over to the next topic)

december drawings 2017

Appalled by a very horrifying event did take place for one of the residents of Fort Ann NY. The neighbor, who proposed the eradication of the small farms in that town, poisoned and killed 2 prize bulls (at this time unverified, but information is coming from Cornell University).

I have been sick over the events and created a memorial to give to them in hopes of showing my empathy.

Long Horn Bull

I find myself astonished by bad behavior of adults!!!!!

December drawings 2017

Deb Witherell, Deputy Town Supervisor said she exhausted all avenues to get the animals removed.  So she used the towns lawyer to create an ordinance,  using her position on the Town board to try and force everyone, tax payers, residents, into  complying to her wishes.  

She has NOT been fired nor required to pay the costs of creating the ordinance! And the Town Supervisor Richie Moore supported – supports this type of bull. The transcript form this meeting is pathetic and I was told to sit down 2 times during public comment, the board did allow me to speak when everyone left. -Pathetic!

december drawings 2017

next subject- Consciousness research and creative digestion continues- 

The readings:

Panpsychism: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/panpsychism/

Stream of Consciousness:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stream_of_consciousness_(narrative_mode)

Although these 2 articles are short reads there are many other offshoots to make you think and digest.

december drawings 2017

I do however think it very interesting, that consciousness, questions, ideas, research are very old. And yet I’m finding the subject an extremely exciting source, from which my work is springing forth.

The term “stream of consciousness” was coined by philosopher and psychologist William James in The Principles of Psychology (1890): and in 1918 the novelist May Sinclair (1863–1946) first applied the term stream of consciousness, in a literary context, when discussing Dorothy Richardson’s (1873–1957) novels. -Wikipedia

I’m continuing the projects-

Sculpture as portraiture  and the role of environment as visual conversation.”

Last month I talked about where Object interjects with atmosphere and perception- and how it can be re – viewed, seen or captured.

this has been examined through the sculpture named “Embryo” over the last year months.

When I reviewed the photographs, a new question appeared –

“Is the object or atmosphere the context for personality of the sculpture or object.

and this month I think it grew into:                                                                                                  ………..or are the parts the source of the live perspectives or qualia?”

december drawings 2017


Thank you for our time together have a wonderful holiday! ~m






Crash Stumble and Shoot– Sparks –

And Back at it-

I work on many veins at once, I have always – I guess- I will always.


“~Life is a smorgasbord~”

Artist  mind space through sound. 

 Enter here Click    – Hazmat Modine – Everybody Loves You:                        

In this post I share my binoculars to highlighted what is —-on/ in—-

architectural landscape in word form, sculpture, drawings, notes and photographs.

Looking at consciousness from religion ideology. The sculpture is made from shooting range target with the marks, which spun when hit.  Gear (fundamental reality)

For my friends who care nothing about the theory and words Please JUST LOOK at the PHOTOGRAPHS and enjoy.

Please note I got hit with a computer hacker or virus that took out my 2 computers motherboards. I am regaining footing from the catastrophic event, so this post pictures are not what I like, they lack detail and I will reshoot once I get everything working again. Photoshop my owned copy and my current Nikon program, doesn’t work with the new platform (i7) and I haven’t figure all that out yet! Or should I say: thrown money at it all for the years fix!



My RANT for the month!

– FYI- i7 operating system, again is change for the tech world to hold you hostage and cost large sums of money not only new computer but programs (only 29.99 mth, Plus, Plus, Plus) – Remember this is overhead and to be accounted for in pricing of the work. – for those of you who ask how to price the work.

This all leads to My Advice =====BACK YOUR SHIT UP!!!!! -Off site.

Now let’s get to it-





I am currently in the mist of –

How does matter become consciousness?

Known as Mind Matter Problem.

Most of the work made this month is in reflection of Plato’s 4 traits of consciousness and Deepak Chopra’s lecture ideas: the steps of growth in consciousness and reading around the subjects.



Deepak Chopra: Highest – Showing up, Higher consciousness, Intuition – meaning and relationship taping into deeper intuition of awaking to creative response. Restful awareness, Reactive manipulative = Nice- tantrum Nasty- Stubborn-  Victim.

The following is notes to the work and highlights from the research that has been done over the month-

  1. Consciousness-

the detail is lost in this photograph and will be re-shot

I am looking at this chapter for my work and research, washed up on shore last year when I stated in a paper “objects are vessels for memory.” My former advisor disagreed, which is good because in trying to change his mind, I found- the words that tried to convey consciousness that dangled on a line of intrigue, in my sight. I found a whole world of people thinking in this vein.

I am finding a vast sea of context and information with which has stimulated new ideas and questions.

“The sea is a perfect parable- with all its color, life and tide. The sea has many sub categories and supports many forms just as consciousness does.”

a1. The article (click) – What is consciousness, and could machines have it?

Is a very interesting intersection and extends the questions that surround my use of industrial material in the sculpture work. In the sense that if artificial intelligence (a machine) does not have consciousness can the parts have memory- and once again what is consciousness when it comes to object and form?Object interjects with atmosphere and perception-

The sculpture “Embryo” has traveled in my pack over the last six months through three countries and I have photographed it as if a family member traveling on vacation.

When I reviewed the photographs, a new question appeared –

b1. “Is the object or atmosphere the context for personality of the sculpture?”

Through this you can see the context back to consciousness inquisitions, so it’s all part of the soup.

Some very interesting side notes: the sculpture when photographed in public opened a hole line of discussions with complete strangers that was deep and interesting, stimulating my contemplation (form) of an already complicated subject being Object personality.

“Embryo” I was told on multiple occasion is an accessible form that opens conversation with ease even in Europe and in different language zones.

Sculpture Embryo at Stonehenge England

Sculpture Embryo at Stonehenge England

That exact sentiment is one that seems to stand consistent with my sculpture work.

In the states and studio many people have said the same thing, except with the added note of- even for non-art enthusiast making for good interaction of stop ins at the Ballard Road Art Studio.

  1. Dyslexia

 Is more than a physical attribute.

2. Religion

What roll does religion play in consciousness?

3. Phycology

How phycology puts words and theories around the above.

A few notes here:

In Phenomenology of Perception by Merleau Ponty Page preference xv and xvi.

 I enjoyed: “The philosopher, is a perpetual beginner, which means that he takes for granted nothing that men, learned or otherwise believe they know. It means also that philosophy itself must not take itself for granted, in so far as it may have managed to say something true; that it is ever- renewed experiment in making its own beginning, that it consists wholly in the description of this beginning.

And finally, reflection amounts to consciousness of its own……..”


And I ponder chapter: “The Body as Object and Mechanistic Philosophy.”


  1. Happening

I have written a happening with the intention of performing and filming by now but fire wood for winters warmth and my computer crash diluted focus.

I today found alignment to words of CA Conrad this morning “We need to help one another and it is not always easy to imagine how we can do it.”                                           The statement sings so well with this piece.  https://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/2015/06/from-whitman-to-walmart


  1. Show-  “Who’s Your Dada”

Opening 11/15/2017 3:45-4:45 & 5:45-7:00 at:

 the Butzel Gallery- John Sayles School of Fine Art

1445 The Plaza- Schenectady, NY








thank you for visiting…..



Artist TraVel to ENgLanD

To be enlightened has many positive connotations and no negative ones. Therefore, you’d think that more people would pursue it—but they don’t. The first obstacle is the lack of a clear definition. What does it actually mean to be enlightened? The simplest definition, which would clear away a lot of confusion is “waking up.” To become enlightened is to move out of a state of confusion and conflict, anxiety and depression, or simply dull routine—whatever you associate with “being asleep.” –By Deepak Chopra, MD. https://www.deepakchopra.com/blog/article/5886

I have been in intense pursuit of understanding, awareness and enlightenment for as long as I can remember. With that said I think the last year has brought many things into focus and acceptance.

The real Aha—- has been my trip to England.


We three landed in Gatwick, outside of London and drove the Southern coast line. We visited every possible historic site and stayed at old village pubs; for the true feel of old England.

Full English Breakfast

Embryo at full English breakfast.

We woke every morning to a full English Breakfast, that would last the day. The only lengthy stay was three days, in Plymouth where the Mayflower sailed from. 

One of days was filled with my MFA graduation and social events with my class mate and friend JP’s family.

Some points of interest that were visited:

Plymouth University, St. Michael of the Rock, Wild Horses, Sheep, Bulls, Chysauster Ancient Village, Stonehenge, #2 Stonehenge, Dunster Castel, the oldest recorded Jail,

Launceston Castle, Restormel Castle, St. Mawes Castle, Tintagel Castle, London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Palace, Buckland Abbey,

Sculpture Embryo at Stonehenge

I have been having WAY too much FUN and need more time to digest and create!

Now I’m headed back on the road to a wedding in Tennessee, so this is a quick update  there is fresh art work to come.

As far as creativity is concerned:

I have carried the sculpture Embryo with me everywhere. I use photography as the medium, this alters perception, changing dimensions of space, place and depth-  this significantly changes the metal sculpture process. when I photograph Embryo it is placed for context, message, or as a family member on vacation.  Embryo Exposes- different situations and landscapes now to include England and Germany.

Through this last set of photographs, I noticed a different characteristic of the sculpture, Embryo has further exposed and communicated new to me metaphors and personality.                              I will expand on this line culminating a dialog in the future.

Moving this fast and trying to work has proven challenging. My personal commitment of filling six sketch books, with drawings and plans, a month, has been fulfilled.

But I’m now considering letting this personal requirement GO-!

When I get back to the Ballard Road Art Studio, I would like the opportunity to digest what I have experienced and thought, read my notes and the books that I have collected along the way- even more, I severely miss the studio and building sculpture. There has been a ten- foot by twenty-foot painting in the paint studio, half done, over six months.  And let’s not forget the clients that have commissions waiting in the wings.

Hanging with the Gypsy Wagon Master!


Never mind the life stuff that needs attention or maintaining like:  family, friends, farm and household……..

Awesome! -The Queen as Airport Art

It’s a good thing time is a perception – otherwise one might feel overwhelmed even in writing this-!

There’s so much more to say and show, some of which can be seen on my Facebook page and Instagram, and a small private party is being organized so if you want to be on the list and you who are always in attendance I look forward to catching up (Hugs) !

BUT for now I must say-

Chow’- thanks for visiting and I’ll be back with the next post in fifteen days!

Wishing you good health~ m


Breakthrough the Glass Pane

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

This month for me has been not only exciting but extremely interesting- !

I must report that for the first time in seventeen years I have been

PAIN FREE and loving it!

The back story:

As many of you know I have been a passionate Horse Woman since childhood and maintained a professional, daily riding and event schedule. In 2000 I had a very traumatic accident. This accident was an attempt by a crazy person to take my life. The full story, novel like, long and intricate- I have been told it is very interesting. That story waits for another day’s writing.

259. Evolution of Consciousness: Blue Rise artistic Photograph of metal sculpture.

 This accident left me with the scars of a very poor diagnosis and in continuous physical pain. My walking and functioning in pain without assistance was better than the original diagnosis -ever- offered-!

I continually researched by way of meditating, reading, lectures, etc. in hopes of educating myself into a different way or reality.

This line of activity all stems from my father and through my experience, I can say: formative child rearing with intention of higher consciousness or good, becomes a subconscious reaction in problem solving when that child becomes an adult.


Gnosis, Gap in Sub Atomic Particles, Energy, Reality, Awareness, Consciousness, Mind, Healing, Infinite Possibility, Human Spirit, Soul – were all interests and curiosities that drove my research as an artist, before I became a student pursuing a degree in Masters in Fine Art.

I realize Soul and Spirit are two academic NO NO’s- but I can now say- Get Over It- its all language for format of communication and information exchange! I am not interested in what language is vogue. I am interested in the cosmic horizon of experience and constructs of infinite possibilities and communicating visually. Education is the sharing of information and vogue language detours thought.

Mathematical Equation:

U is = to C

E = mc2


My MFA is complete!

At this time I have gone back into researching human constructs.

If you have been following my personal muse (art work) over a long period of time; you could have seen there’s always been a common denominator of interest – Consciousness. I find the Human, Absolutely Amazing! I also find great interest in when humans come together as a group and support one another; for me this becomes cosmic intervention or the Magic of the Human being and one can witness astonishing changes – Healing. I realize that I’m not saying anything new- but I am experiencing it in my own human way and processing into visual art.  Theses happenings sometimes called divine- have been recorded throughout time, Christ, Buddha, and all the many other prophets and healers, have shared stories and recipes for the Infinite possibilities of human Constructs or Smart Information Flow…..

259. Evolution of Consciousness_oil pastel 1

259. Evolution of Consciousness_oil pastel 1

I believe my healing is the manifestation of all the reading, research, people, information, practices, meditation and exercises I have been perusing and I am in great appreciation for all of it. At this junction the very important pair of books that I have read is Deepak Chopra’s and David Hawkins, as they gave evidence to subliminal understanding which has informed and or confirmed personal insight.


The reason:

I bring all of this up is not only to reference where the new art work stems from, but to Share in an uplifting way – how Endless, as if dark matter- the Possibilities of being Human are, and acknowledge Hope.

*Hope has carried me over the last seventeen years!

259. evolution of consciousness,

Evolution of Consciousness, 108″h x 48″d x variable when side tables are opened. metal sculpture made from re-purposed metals, which have a story all their own.

About the art:


No. 259 Evaluation of Consciousness 

The sculpture Evaluation of Consciousness or reference number 259, is made from select repurposed material, referencing a pursuit of innate human knowledge or higher self. I have been in the search for understanding and digestion of these systems and ideas sometimes called Gnosticism. The sculpture Evaluation of Consciousness is primarily interested in connecting higher consciousness with material to reference The study and pursuit of inner human consciousness or knowledge. For me it is difficult to communicate in words, but I think currently well done by Dr. Deepack Chopra. He seems to cover all the bases including science and philosophy with a beautiful cadence of ease.

The sculpture is made with a solid sphere on a centered post with small plates as if levels:

The description of a sphere is a round solid figure, or its surface, with every point on its surface equidistant from its center. Or an area of activity, interest, or expertise; a section of society or an aspect of life distinguished and unified by a particular characteristic. IE: being human om pursuit of knowledge to become expanded.

The sphere is encapsulated with a shroud:

Shroud Definition:

1.a length of cloth or an enveloping garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial. synonyms: winding sheet.

historical cerements “the shroud of Turin”

2.a thing that envelops or obscures something.

“a shroud of mist” synonyms:       covering, cover, cloak, mantle, blanket, layer, cloud, veil “a shroud of mist”       

Verb- 1. wrap or dress (a body) in a shroud for burial.

  1. cover or envelop so as to conceal from view.

Synonyms: cover, envelop, veil, cloak, blanket, screen, conceal, hide, mask, obscure;

literary enshroud.

The lines and shape of the shroud gives place to the rise of awareness, as if rungs of a ladder for one to travel- to, or from- ascension. It also contains, the complications or resistance to spiritual knowledge.

The box is common societal expectations that I placed on its corner spilling opening to offer opportunity for the experience of reaching to new personal heights.

Which sits on a typewriter desk from a man named Bob Roney who owned a bait shop in Albany NY. Roney was a World War Two- Veteran, who served with General Patten, and kept this desk as a keep sake which now serves as visual reference to growth and change across the table of communication.

The table also serves as formal structure (which is a word pay).


I finished the sculpture and photographed, I got to talk about the ideas and enjoy the freedom feeling of motorcycle riding around rain storms. Following a long meditation group session, we headed out on a ride back from Manchester Vermont over Rt.30 into Granville NY. On the flats before town, the Black clouds split open the downpour stopped to the ray of light- a gigantic electric rainbow appeared  in a minute – the second rainbow showed up. Blazing with color, i could  could see both beginning and end, touch the ground. 

The rainbows carry much folk lore and I like to think of the event as a sign, so I worked up a few photographic combinations of things that visually contain my commentary of thought. 


I leave for England and will be away until October so if you need something please contact my office and they will get word to me or you can write to me through the contact form of this web site. 

I am extending my Gratitude and THANK YOU ~ goes out to All! 

For moments of sharing kindness, compassion & stimulating conversations / debates!

I acknowledge even you- who have tortured me, as this has insisted; I look inside myself and stand firmly on my beliefs- releasing negative and reach around to kindness, compassion and healing! ~ 

The fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.                               —Twain or an asylum inmate this is still up as internet debate.

The readings completed for the month’s reference are as follows:

Carl Jung, Laws of Consciousness

Chinese Laws of Creativity

David Hawkins, Letting go- the Path to Surrender. And Healing and Recovery.

Deepak Chopra, You are the Universe; Discovering your Cosmic Self and Why it Matters.


Word play for this month’s title –

Glass- a hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles.

Pane as in PAIN

Break as in Breakthrough – move- change- catastrophe- events that demand change,  

I wish you all well and Thank you for following an artist’s crazy life adventure!

until we meet again ~mV








Joy takes FORM- Berlin Germany – Dialog / Show

  -Happening – Space Sculpture and Artist Dialog –

Display: Ufer Studio, Berlin Germany Space #2                             

Artist Party Afterwards: LOBE Schererstr. 7 11347 Berlin Germany

This is the presentation of my research project called:

“The Geometry of Joy”

In this blog post you can see the alchemist exchange, by way of words and photographs but you can not experience the embodiment of Joy the work offers. Although you may have come to the soft opening in Texas- if so thank you i appreciated the opportunities that have come from that.   

The Exchange- Enter the door and receive – Happening: the directives have been shortened to five movements because of time and space. Handout is As Follows- 

This sets the Joyful Geometry ground: Laundry, Labor, Action, Accumulation, Memory, Connection, Family, Spirit. The movements work to reflect self and mind as position to self – within.

The Happening is within a physically immersive environment of space-ual sculpture using extended materials, implying pushed context, THROUGH- education and displacement.   

I digest ideas and information through a daily practice of drawing in oil pastels. I have saved the small rectangular cloths called Towelettes, that were used in the cleaning of my hands from the inquisition and outcome of “The Geometry of Joy”. The irony of the word Towelettes is a systemic play on words which became the works name-

“To We Let Es”

A multi sensorial space work with many representations of –

“The Geometry of Joy” 

Actual installation pictures-

no. 318. TO WE LET ES_Final display 2

These Towelettes hold the memory of my exploring and experiencing what has come to be my belief of what JOY is, and how the Geometry exists as Joys equation. The Towelettes record the shape, color and form change, that is the visual metaphor Joy empowers, into a wide range of emotion and life experience, that is not always positive. The line which the Towelettes hang is pure cotton and will change over time creating the tension that exists in life and offering the live structure intersection that Joy is. When the work is hung outside the air moves the towelettes creating changing inconsistent kinetic energy movements where one is allowed to see Joys live interactions as if relationships in action.

The ladder (‘Scala Libera’) which one side of the line is connected to, is a wink at Joseph Beuys and the other side a metal Form, tickles ideas of David Smith. Leading you- the onlooker, to soar the open sky of the never ending expansiveness that three letters offers – Joy –

Joy Is a Geometry of Live scenarios and experiences.

When drawing with oil pastel there are small brightly colored chips or pieces, being the residue, left on the page, which I have likened to Joys effect. Again over two years I have collected chips and created the empowering memory sculpture piece called-    “ODE to JOY”.

The rest of the information is organized into the Book.

Here are two excerpts of the book that I like-

I have always wanted to create a set of Books and took this as the prompt to document this project’s vast scope of processes and research that I have done. So I  made three other books.

One which is a drawing study of the three letters of JOY, created over a daily drawing ritual of two months, thirty of the favorites were chosen and organized into the book called- “Joy Scape”



Next Book is a photo essay and study of light and expression stemming from the sculpture I made of reclaimed metal called “EMBRO”, which looks at erotic JOY.

The last one “The Geometry of Joy” – HAHAHA who would have thought!

Thank you for following  my work and especially for all of you who are involved in whatever way. -Its Been an interesting Journey!