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Welcome To the Ballard Road Art Studio

“We turn ideas into art for unique people and places.” 

Ballard Road Art Studio

Ballard Road Art Studio, Wilton NY

In 1995 after many other names and spaces the Ballard Road Art Studio settled on building a new facility, at the corner of Ballard Road and Rt 50, located 7 miles from downtown Saratoga Springs in Wilton NY.


                          The large well tooled Master Maker Space offers a full fabrication,                                    machine, photography, video and paint shop with digital capability.             Our tools and knowledge deletes all boundaries allowing a spring board in the creative Steam Can productions of inspiration. This energy is realized into art, functional & aesthetic pieces, using classic and unique processes, and applying them to- not so common canvases, such as: lighting, rat rods, motorcycles, furniture, jewelry.


Our outpouring of objects exposes our compulsive attitude to communicate visually.  Make  -Create -Learn -Share


The subsidiary called C&C Specialty Iron: deals with specific, minute details of-              fabrication and machine shop activities for a small and elite group of museums, corporations and individuals.


Ballard Road Art Studio also offers a small messy gallery.                                           B.R.A.S. Welcomes viewers from around the world in to conversations about art, science, philosophy as it is applied to the work made in house.


Artist miChelle Vara has extensive experience and certifications, holding a MFA from Plymouth University, UK . She is diverse in management, welding, design, layout, sculpture, murals, gold and silver leaf, hand & digital lettering, airbrush, backdrops, signs, photography, jewelry, pottery, carving and digital programs that coincide with this field. She has applied her talents in craftsmanship and diversity, to projects for varied client types. She uses a small crew to create all projects in house. This offers the client a individual tailored experience- for a well designed and fully developed finished project, produced in NY State USA in a timely fashion.


in 2000 Chad Wilson became the director of Ballard Road Art Studio. Wilson lends his talents and experience in the feilds of  mechanics, fabrication, welding, machining and iron working, he creates an atmosphere for expansive options.


Commissions and Grants have included: State, Federal Government, private institution and individuals..

To see a sample of numerous completed projects please visit the BLOG  and Portfolio  selection of this website.

Services to include but not limited to:

  • Metal sculpture
  • Airbrush: vehicles, clothing, murals, helmets, canvas, any surface any place.
  • Hand Lettering: all surfaces, signs, etc (Since 1970, she has been hand lettering)
  • Gold & Silver leaf
  • Project designs
  • Canvas: painted
  • Murals: all surfaces
  • Mixed media
  • Functional Art: lamps, tables, handrails, gates & more
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Welding all alloys
  • Fabrication
  • Metal restoration
  • Displays


Thank you for visiting please feel free to contact us

or make an appointment 518-587-8706.