Ballard Road Art

Welcome To the Ballard Road Art Studio

“We turn ideas into art for unique people and places.” 

Ballard Road Art Studio

Ballard Road Art Studio, Wilton NY

In 1995 after many other names and spaces the studio settled at the corner of Ballard Road and Rt 50, located 7 miles from downtown Saratoga Springs in Wilton NY. The large well tooled space offers creative freedom and a small gallery of artist ideas on display. Artist miChelle Vara has extensive experience and a diversified background creating art for clients. Using her multifaceted talents and a small crew, she creates the projects in house. This offers the clients to a well designed fully developed finished project produced in a timely fashion.

Commissions and Grants to include: State, Federal Government, private institution and individuals..

To see the numerous completed projects please visit portfolio selection.

Services to include but not limited to:

  • Metal sculpture
  • Airbrush: vehicles, clothing, murals, helmets, canvas, any surface any place.
  • Hand Lettering: all surfaces, signs, etc (Since 1970, she has been hand lettering)
  • Gold & Silver leaf
  • Project designs
  • Canvas: painted
  • Murals: all surfaces
  • Mixed media
  • Functional Art: lamps, tables & more
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Welding
  • Fabrication


Feel free to contact or make an appointment 518-587-8706.