“The Train Of Artillery”

metal sculpture, General Knox Revolutionary war

General Knox and the Train of Artillery, grant for NY State Parks

“General Knox and the Train of Artillery” (2007)
Fashioned after the famous painting “Noble Train of Artillery” by: Tom Lovell 1909.

Knox Trail Monument No. 12 (New York)
Sculpture Suite to commemorate Knox Cannon Trail of revolutionary war.Starks Knob and Rt 4- 32

The sculpture marks The Knox Trail site, which acts as the Northern gateway to Old Saratoga and is adjacent to the Stark’s Knob interpretive trail. The primary story is Through this place passed General Henry Knox in the winter of 1775 – 1776 to deliver to General George Washington at Cambridge the Train of Artillery from Fort Ticonderoga used to force the British army to evacuate Boston. The feat of moving artillery by oxen during the winter is depicted by the sculpture.
Context: He then crossed the river by ferry to the west side and arrived at Saratoga (Schuylerville) where he stopped and had dinner: We dined & set off about three O’Clock it still snowing exceeding fast… after the utmost efforts (of the) horses we reach’d Ensign’s tavern 8 miles beyond Saratoga – we lodg’d.Gen. Knox and the Train of Artillery


Sculpture shown on transportation base.






The honor walk– https://www.michellevara.com/2012/04/09/the-knox-trail-honor-walk/





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